Keep Going…

Keep going…Don’t Quit…

Word’s I have been told a good bit lately. Words I have told myself a good bit lately. When it comes to healthy living…I have always been a quitter.

Why does junk food taste like it is from the hand of God himself?

At the beginning of June I set out on another journey of healthy living. I joined CrossFit Trussville and started their Reboot program. Reboot is a high-intensity interval training program. I had zero strength so actual Crossfit just wasn’t even on my radar, but this, this I could do. I may suck…but I can do it. I have loved every workout mainly because of the people. Everyone is so kind and accepting and they truly want to see you succeed. I have been embracing the suck, because you will never be good at something without sucking at it first. I also started counting my macros and eating better. Honestly, the past 13 weeks have been the healthiest I’ve eaten in years. I drink enough water and I eat well balanced meals with a splurge meal every now and then. I try to work out 4-5 days week – 2x a day three days a week. But I have yet to lose 1lb, I haven’t lost inches, and my clothes are not fitting better. I know, I know, I’m building muscle. That sounds great…but it doesn’t feel great.  

It is discouraging. That is a feeling I am very familiar with these days. Discouraged. It’s true that I am probably building muscle…but the fat isn’t going anywhere either. But I am working on changing my mindset – I’m not failing, something just isn’t working. I’ve tried to count my macros with a decent amount of carbs in order to sustain energy during these workouts, but I think carbs are issue. When I cut carbs, I lose weight. So…I am going to try this again, to cut carbs, not completely, but down to about 30g a day and cut my dairy drastically. Cutting dairy is harder for me than carbs because I LOVE CHEESE. So I am going to try the cutting of dairy for a minimum of 2 weeks and I’ll be low carb for about a month. I will weight, measure and then re-evaluate.

I know people say not to focus on the scale – and I’m not. I’m focusing on how I feel and how my clothes fit. And right now, my clothes don’t fit, and I really don’t feel well. My body hurts, my skin has a lot of problems, I have hypothyroidism, and I am just sad. I fixed my weight problem with surgery in 2013…but I didn’t change my life…and here we are again.

I am convinced I am on this journey for a reason. God wants me to do this on my own without medication or surgery. Now I don’t have an option. I don’t want to quit, I want to keep going. Sometimes my soul is just defeated. This journey is marathon, not a spring, 13 weeks is not a very long time in the grand scheme of things…I just wish I saw some progress. But I will keep going…I just have to make some adjustments. I will get to my goal.

I just have to repeat to myself – just keep going…

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